Communities living at the forest edge of Cockpit South


The last of the remaining original Leeward Maroon communities and one of the four Jamaican Maroon communities (which includes Moore Town, Charles Town and Scott’s Hall in Windward Maroon region) recognised by the British empire after the 2nd Maroon War (1796), Accompong remains an important cultural and historical location

Many Maroons also live in the neighbouring communities of Eldersley, Whitehall, and Aberdeen and commute frequently to Accompong


Whitehall is not currently present on any official map (absent, for example, on Google Maps) despite its importance as a transport and communication hub for the nearby villages. Before its decommission in 2019, Whitehall was home to the Bethsalem postoffice (an administrational unit roughly encompassing Cockpit South). Route taxis do not come to Cockpit South - it is too far and the roads are too steep, disused and dangerous. The handful of taxis that service Accompong (four as of 2019) also service Whitehall. The taxi driver from Whitehall also works along the Accompong-Whitehall corridor.


Quickstep is the most northerly community in Cockpit South; its main road goes right to the centre of the forest (ending at the top right edge of the project boundary)!