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Bobby is a Maroon from Accompong and has come from a long line of former colonels (the title given to the chief of a Maroon village, in reference to their militaristic leadership used to evade capture by British forces during the Transatlantic slave trade). Bobby was once a hardwood merchant and has extensive knowledge of tree identification and is an expert navigator



Oral historian

Briggy is a Maroon from Accompong and has run numerous village tours, imparting much of his historical knowledge. Briggy has assisted many doctoral and postdoctoral researchers by offering historical overviews of the Leeward Maroons and organising meetings with village elders. Briggy has also liaised with state departments in stakeholder meetings


Postdoctoral Researcher

Lydia is an anthropologist and ecologist specialising in indigenous knowledge systems, people-centred conservation, and environmental monitoring. She engages in long-term ethnographic research on the role of forest-based practices and livelihoods in Maroon communities and specialises in mapping and visualisation

There are many members of the Maroon community affiliated with the Countermapping Cockpit project; to respect privacy, preserve anonymity, and protect our interlocutors from recrimination, we keep the information that we divulge about our participants to a minimum. Bobby, Briggy, and Lydia are the main members of the team and are heavily involved with the design and execution of the projects under the Countermapping Cockpit's remit. Head over to the Contact Us page if you would like to contact a member of the team.


We would be unable to carry out this work without the support of the organisations that have funded our projects. If you are interested in funding similar work of your own, check out our curated list of funding sources!

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