Some of our local projects

Red List Assessment 2020


We are underway with our data collection; it is great to see, at this early stage, that the work we do matters and can have great impact. Housed in this section is a collection of data pages referenced in our contribution to the 2020 IUCN Red List assessment. 

Stream Monitoring Project


This project was borne from the Maroons' desire to restore a stream near the village that was once an important water source. Funded by Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund and Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, this project monitors the effect of the stream restoration on the growing herpetofauna population that the now marshland supports.

Documenting Maroon Knowledge


This project, funded by UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies, looks at the traditional ecological knowledge held within the customary practices and resource uses of the indigenous Maroons in Cockpit Country. 



To facilitate knowledge-sharing between collaborators, a number of infographics, science illustrations, and ID cards are being developed to help local collaborators and conservationists better understand Cockpit Country and its inhabitants.